Artur Tiller was one of the most famous german naval architects of his time. He was born 1884 in Anklam ( northern Germany ) and after many years of service as chief engineer at the Heidtmann Boatwharf in Hamburg and Engelbrecht (Naglo) in Zeuthen he established his own yachtdesign-business in Berlin in 1920. He became 1924 a member of the Berliner Segler-Cub (BSC), many of his designs at that time have been realized at Buchholz wharf (located on the ground of the BSC). He has designed yachts of all types, mostly cruising yachts but also racing yachts, dinghies, sailing canoes and many powerboats of all seizes. His biggest design was a 80m LWL shoolship for the government of Argentina, In Argentina he resided several years . Artur Tiller was also author of many well known books and manuals on yacht design and boatbuilding, like the famous books “Yachtbau”, “Handbuch des Segelsports” and “Kanubau und Segeln” as well as many articles in the german sailing magazine “Die Yacht”. His lecture hold on the Schiffbautechnischen Gesellschaft Berlin e.g. “35 Jahre deutscher Segeljachtbau“ are exelent. Famous are his designs of many model sailyachts. Tiller died in Berlin in 1957 at age 73 leaving us around 300 most beautiful yacht-designs.
Auf der homepage des findet man seine Vorträge über den Segelyachtbau und den Motoryachtbau. Unter Konstrukteure sind viele Beiträge aus der Yacht über Tiller gelistet.
Einige Fundstücke aus dem Nachlaß Tiller


Seine Vortragsmappe 1934 "35 Jahre deutscher Segelyachtbau"